Rent-A-Toy for your tot

April 14, 2008 9:00:00 PM PDT
Kids are fickle bunch. You buy them a toy and before you know it, they're bored and want a new one. Well, before you go out and buy and a new toy for your tot you may want to consider renting their playthings instead. Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Glassberg explains.

When these tots get bored parking cars, they can move onto the firetruck ..

... Play with puppets ...

...and bounce around on the little red ball ...

Emilia Ryan and Wyatt Herman are having a playdate with toys from

It's an online, toy rental company where parents can browse a huge inventory of playthings...and then borrow them ..not buy them!!

"Depending on the package you have, they send you that number of toys each month. If you like a toy you can keep it, longer than a month. If you don't like a toy... you can send it are overtaking our apartment," Wyatt's mom, Conner Herman says.

That's why Wyatt's mom just signed up for

"I know that every month I will have a new toy to add in to the mix, and not have to feel like it's a huge investment," Wyatt's mom says.

The site's founder says all the toys meet U.S. safety standards and are tested for lead. Used toys are sanitized with eco-friendly products before being sent out to renters.

Many toys come assembled, but other do have to be put together by mom or dad

This rental concept is also giving Emilia an early lesson on how to play nice.

"When we send them back we say how we're going to the share the toy with other kids. Sot it teaches her about sharing as we, which is nice," Emilia's mom Kira Ryan says.

The toys are for newborns to 5-year-old and the shipping is free. For more information on renting toys for your baby go to:

Various plans are available, ranging from $37.99 for four toys a month to $65 for 10 toys a month - and require at least a three-month commitment.