Possible meningitis scare in NJ

May 13, 2008 5:35:34 PM PDT
Students and parents have been put on alert after a middle school employee was diagnosed with a suspected case of meningitis.The unidentified person works in the West Caldwell school district.

Classes were still in session following word that an employee at the Grover Cleveland Middle School has a suspected case of the disease. But so far, there is no word on whether it involves bacterial or viral meningitis.

"As dangerous as meningitis is, it's not that easily transmitted," one parent said.

School officials were alerted about the case on Sunday and sent word over the phone, which was followed up by a letter telling parents the chance of their child becoming ill is very small.

"There was no need to close off part of the building," superintendent Daniel Gerardi said. "There was no need to do any extra cleaning of the building, although we did just as a proactive measure."

But prevention is being stressed, such as washing hands frequently, covering your nose with tissues when coughing or sneezing and not sharing utensils such as tooth brushes, cups and drinking glasses. But the symptoms from menintitis can knock you flat on your back.

Health experts caution that the illness can only be spread by close contact with an infected person's saliva. Still, parents and residents near the school are searching for answers.

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Hotline number: 973-680-4060