Taking historic tours with your iPod or MP3

June 11, 2008 10:05:06 AM PDT
Looking to get immersed in New York City's rich history? Try ditching the guidebook and instead trying a cutting-edge tourist aid. Now you can download a city tour into an iPod or mp3 player.

Did you think your iPod or mp-3 player was just for music?

Well, think again, because it could hold your next vacation.

Like an afternoon along historic Washington Mews in Greenwich Village.

City Listen President Jonathan Paisner says "It's really a wonderful way to almost take a vacation in your own backyard."

Paisner came up with the idea and put out the company's first tours last spring.

"Unlike a traditional tour where you're following a guide or with a group and on someone else's time and on a schedule. You can do this on your own," adds Paisner.

The company's major selling point is convenience. So whether your tired hungry or simply ran out of time you can take out your earphones and pick the tour right back up when your ready.

"I had the opportunity to take a 45 minute or so tour and I turned it into 6 hours with the stopping for a glass of wine, stopping for a snack, stopping for an extended dinner. We picked it up and probably finished around 9:30 at night." Keith venkiteswaran says

Venkiteswaran took several of the tours and he keeps coming back for more.

Venkiteswaran says "It takes 30 seconds to download if that. Its on your ipod in 5 seconds. And then you can hit pause and rewind as many times as you want."

The tours cost $8.

Right now, there are six New York City and three Paris tours with more on the way.

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