Fire destroys belongings in storage locker

Seven On Your Side
July 3, 2008 2:54:19 PM PDT
The family had put most of its belongings in storage, anticipating a move to a new house. But a fire in the storage locker destroyed much of it and when their insurance wouldn't pay, they sent out an SOS for Seven on their Side. "We had two beds in there, a couch, a TV, lots of clothing like in bins," said Gerard Schaefer.

Schaefer and his family recently moved to a new house but while waiting to move, they kept many of their household items in a nearby storage facility.

"As we were coming back from grocery shopping, we saw a whole bunch of trucks there," adds Schaefer.

They were fire trucks and water to put out a fire had poured into Gerard's locker, destroying many of his possessions including precious keepsakes.

"My photo album, which basically had all of my photos from childhood through high school. That was completely destroyed," said Schaefer.

Gerard was happy that he had taken out an insurance policy with the Bader company for $2,000 when he rented the locker.

Gerard adds, "I wasn't asking for anything more than what the policy I took out is. That's all."

But the insurance company balked. They wanted information about the renter's insurance on the apartment they were living in, but he wrote, saying he didn't have renter's insurance.

After Bader insurance got a call from Seven on your Side, Gerard and his family got a check for $2,000 dollars. They had already replaced the destroyed furniture, so they are going to put some money into their savings and use the rest for a trip.

Insurance experts tell us the items would probably have already been covered under homeowner's insurance, but an additional policy can't hurt. They also say, whenever you put items in storage, make an inventory in case of loss. There is software to help you do that and if you have problems with an insurance company, contact your state insurance board.

For more information on the insurance institute, CLICK HERE, For the New York State insurance site, CLICK HERE ---
STORY BY: Eyewitness News Consumer Reporter: Tappy Phillips