Hip bones and breast cancer

July 28, 2008 3:21:33 PM PDT
A study offers intriguing new information about a woman's hip bones and her risk of breast cancer. Most older women are usually concerned about thinning bones. A low bone mineral density can mean osteoporosis and a higher risk of fractures.

Researchers at the University of Arizona have found that hip bones of high density are associated with a higher risk of breast cancer.

Estrogen plays a role in both bone health and breast cancer risk. Bone scans may someday help doctors better interpret a woman's risk of breast cancer.

Eat More Fish

Eat more fish and prevent hardening of the arteries is the latest news from cardiologists.

In the first international study of its kind, researchers compared Japanese men in Japan with American men and Japanese men in this country.

Japan has a low rate of heart disease and this study found Japanese men in Japan have less cholesterol buildup and higher blood levels of Omega 3 than the men in this country.

The reason, according to the researchers, s the fish-rich diet consumed in Japan.

Medication Errors

Medications can be life saving and as more and more Americans take their medications in home settings, the risk of error is skyrocketing.

Researchers at the University of California in San Diego looked at death records for 20 years starting in 1983.

They found that deaths resulting from using a medication along with either alcohol or a street drug went up by more than 3000 percent. Errors involving only the medications increased by over 500 percent.

It is the first large study to look at medication errors in home settings.