Seen on Saturday morning: July 26th

July 26, 2008 8:37:27 AM PDT
Segments seen on Eyewitness News on Saturday morning, July 26, 2008.-----CAPTAIN CANDY-----

Turning his love for cand and superheroes into an adventurous story, 11-year-old Ryan Lederer has already become a successful author.

He joined Eyewitness News this morning with his book "The Adventures of Captain Candy."

Q1. What inspired you to write this book?

A1- I was inspired to write this book by my love for candy, reading and superheroes. I have always been a big fan of comic books and superhero characters. So I guess I could say that in my mind, Captain Candy has always been there. By writing "The Adventures of Captain Candy," I am able to bring him to life. Now that my book is published, I am able to share him with others.

Q2. How did you decide what to write about?

A2- I really decided what to write based on my passions at the time -- candy and superheroes. The book is about Captain Candy and the battle between good and evil. Since I was only five when I started creating the book and its characters, I didn't know about guns and bullets so I imagined Captain Candy and his team using candy to fight evil. To me, superheroes should be role models. Violence and dangerous weapons shouldn't really belong to a role model. Superheroes also help people, and that is something I really believe in.

Q3. I heard that Captain Candy will become a series. What is the second book about?

A3- My second book is called "Captain Candy in Marshmallowland." It's waiting to get it published. In this story, Captain Candy meets up again with the evil Professor Metalmouth (he is from the first book). In this book, like the first, Captain Candy focuses on helping people. Like the character in my stories, I try to focus on helping people too. One of my goals is to make the world a better place. That is why I have decided to donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. I plan on doing that with all my books. It makes me feel good, kind of like a superhero.

Q4. What response have you had from kids who have read your book?

A4- I have had a really great response. Kids my age who have come to book signings and at schools I have read at have been so supportive. I have received emails from kids who want to be writers and phone calls asking how they can get started fulfilling their dreams of being an author. I have no problem sharing any information. I think it's great that kids feel so inspired. Once again, it makes me feel like a superhero to help others.

Q5. You are donating 25 percent of the proceeds from the sale of your book during todays book signing and during the months of July and August to a local charity "From Cardboard to Canvas." What made you decide to do that?

A5- I heard about the program and it sounded great. I feel very lucky that I was able to publish my book. I want to help other kids follow their dreams. So hopefully I can help these kids continue to do what they love.

576 2nd Ave. at 32nd St.
New York City

Saturday, July 26
2PM- 3PM

25 percent of all proceeds from the sale of the book during July and August to local New York charity "From Cardboard to Canvas," a program created to nurture inner city kids' creative and artistic abilities and provide them with the inspiration and structure to help keep them off the streets.



Budget-friendly items, designed by women, geared toward women.

Linda Coughlin, Founder & CEO of "Keep the Cash in the Circle" -- program formed to promote women - owned business, joined Eyewitness News this morning with some of the products.

"Keep the Cash in the Circle" featured Woman Owned Companies:

1. Paralelles (Linda Coughlin)

- Paralelles is a network for women business owners and a marketplace for them to sell their products and services. And because it is so important for women to support other women, Paralelles is hosting the Keep the Cash in the Circle Challenge.

Keep the Cash in the Circle is an economic platform designed to generate more revenue for fellow women business owners.

If one million women pledge to spend $20 a week with women-owned businesses for a year-that means we will generate a billion dollars!!!

  • That's $1 billion dollars in revenue in the bank accounts of the women who are making the spending decisions.
  • $1 billion dollars in revenue in the hands of women who actively help other women.
  • $1 billion dollars in the hands of women who are hiring.
  • $1 billion dollars in the hands of women who are making consumer spending decisions.

    How to Get Involved: Just fill out the pledge card on today and add your purchases weekly, monthly or quarterly to help us measure our success!

    Gather with us in NYC in September 2009 to celebrate 1 BILLION dollars of spending with women business owners and women in business.

    Here are some of the fabulous companies across the U.S. where you might want that $20 a week to go!!!

    1. Apples Bakery (Mary Ardapple)

    - Apples Bakery is a classic Midwestern bakery that sells its delectable goodies online! Also features a renowned gluten free line, for those with dietary sensitivities (Celiac Disease). Apples Bakery is "Where Smiles are Made From Scratch" 1.866.9APPLES

  • Regular Cookies- 24.95 for 1.5 dozen
  • Assorted Gluten Free Cookies- 9 for 19.95

    2. Up From the Dust (Mary Schnack)

    Up From the Dust is a company owned by Mary Schnack that helps women in developing countries build their business by selling their beautiful handmade products in America. Beautiful and unique pearls, scarves, brooches and more available at

  • Product featured is a laptop case made out of a recycled rice bag from Cambodia. $50.00

    3. K Ferarra Designs (Kathy Ferarra)

    - Kathy Ferarra is an accomplished jewelry designer. Her jewelry is truly wearable art- and her preferred mediums are stone and metal, in fresh, organic, modern shapes. Browse Kathy's showcase website or give her a call- she does gorgeous custom work also.

  • Call for a price quote per piece. Everything is one of a kind.

    4. Neutral Posture (Rebecca Boenigk)

    - Neutral Posture is a company that stops workplace discomfort in its tracks with its ergonomic chairs. Their revolutionary N*tune(tm) Seating System make it easy to get the benefits of sitting and standing during the day- you can actually lose 20 pounds at work!

  • NPS8500 chair is $801.45

    5. Evergreen Labs' Wine Away (Staci Wanichek)

    - Of all the stains to remove, red wine stains are some of the most difficult. Wine Away is a miraculous product Food & Wine Magazine says "MAKES RED WINE STAINS DISAPPEAR," and it does so without bleach or phosphates so it's ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY.

  • Wine Away gift pack is 15.00 at

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