NJ town copes with anti-Obama fliers

September 23, 2008 11:25:59 AM PDT
Residents in one New Jersey town are disturbed after receiving fliers over the weekend that question Barack Obama's candidacy on racial grounds.- Roxbury resident Elizabeth Corsetto says a flier was left in her driveway asking, "Do You Want A Black President?" and showing a doctored photo of Obama with a long beard and turban.

Roxbury Police Chief Mark Noll says the fliers were left on various streets in the northwestern New Jersey township by a white supremacist group called the League of American Patriots.

Noll says the incident is being investigated as littering, which carries a potential $500 fine, and not as a hate crime, because the group did not target certain homes.

E-mail and phone messages to the group were not immediately returned Tuesday.

News of the fliers were first reported Monday by The Star-Ledger of Newark.