Mobile art in Central Park

October 20, 2008 3:10:30 PM PDT
When you think of viewing art in New York City, you probably picture museums and not Central Park.But the park is now home to a worldwide roving art exhibit. Thanks to the Parks Department, the Central Park Conservancy and a major fashion house, the park is home for the exhibit, which is about architecture, art and fashion. And it may make you look twice.

It looks like a flying saucer, curved and futuristic, and it is the creation of the famous architect Zaha Hadid. But it isn't about space and science, it's about fashion and art. The structure and the installations inside are all inspired by an iconic quilted handbag by Chanel.

The exhibit is put on by Chanel, and it is called mobile art because it is traveling to six cities. It's already been to Hong Kong and Tokyo, and now it's landed in New York.

The Pavilion is made of 700 parts that take about four weeks to assemble and two weeks to take apart. And it's all for a three-week visit. It is open to the public, located in Central Park where the summer stage usually sits.

The goal is to get people to experience the park. And for Chanel, it's a way to show the brand's commitment to art and creativity, not necessarily to sell bags.

And for New Yorkers, it's just another way to experience art.

The next stops are London, Moscow and Paris. But you can head over to the Pavilion through November 9. Admission is free, and there's a free audio tour as well.

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STORY BY: Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Glassberg


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