Students in NJ face classroom chill

November 21, 2008 3:53:31 PM PST
Two schools in New Jersey were without heat Friday, forcing students to spend the day in classrooms with just space heaters. Contractors say they want to fix the problem, but can't.The schools are in Nutley.

The kids at the Lincoln Elementary School are not only bundling up outside, but they're dressing in layers inside the classroom because the heating system is not properly functioning.

Most of the classrooms are depending on electric heaters to keep warm. So kids are trying to learn in the chill.

The same problem is taking place at the Washington Elementary School. The school system began replacing its heating this past summer. But a contractor blames the construction manager for slowing the process down by two months and the administration for not paying a bill of nearly $800,000.

Some parents say it's comfortable in the school, but they have been told that their kids are allowed to wear extra clothing in the classroom.


STORY BY: New Jersey reporter Anthony Johnson


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