Two FIT students accused in cocaine ring

December 11, 2008 4:10:52 PM PST
A college shocker as two students are accused of running a coke ring out of their dorm. The two co-eds from the Fashion Institute of Technology are suspected of supplying students at the school and other customers with cocaine over the past month, but their money making scheme finally came to an end.

The future fashionistas are accused of selling cocaine to their friends and classmates.

Police say 22-year-old Christine Scafa and her 21-year-old roommate Mickenzie Dippenworth along with their accused supplier sold at least an ounce of coke to undercover cops.

The New York post caught the duo giggling as police escorted them out of the 7th precinct in handcuffs last night.

Dippenworth allegedly made the mistake of selling drugs to an undercover cop last month at the trendy Chelsea nightclub "Home."

Undercover cops say they then made seven more buys from the Fashion Institute of Technology co-eds and their suspected supplier.

All the buys allegedly took place outside the women's FIT dorm on west 31st street.

Students say it's competitive to get accepted at the prestigious school.

Some say they can't believe the Jersey and Maryland natives would throw away their futures.

The women and supplier face drug possession and sale charges.


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