Chilling confession in Stein murder

January 8, 2009 4:05:00 PM PST
Dramatic testimony was heard during a hearing in the Linda Stein murder case. Stein was the so called "Realtor to the Stars" who was beaten to death in her Upper East Side apartment.

A judge heard the chilling confession from Natavia Lowery, Stein's personal assistant and accused of killing her.

Lowery was enraged.

Her boss, realtor Linda Stein, was smoking pot and fuming over a thirty million dollar real estate deal and swinging a yoga stick.

And she was shouting racial slurs, Lowerey said.

"She has never, never, never treated me like this," Lowery said in her taped statement to prosecutors.

"So I snatched the stick from her and hit her with it. I wasn't myself," she said.

The detective asked how many times she hit Stein.

"Probably six," she answered. "Once I hit her, that was it. My intentions weren't to kill her. It was like 'just leave me alone.'"

Lowery said that Stein was often abusive and disrespectful to minorities.

"She never said anything about black people, " Lowery said. "She'd always just be like 'spics this, stupid Mexican rats this... I hate foreigners,'" she quoted Stein as saying.

When lowery told her it was inappropriate to talk like that, Stein reportedly said "I'm an American. I can say anything I want."

Lowery is charged with Stein's murder. Today's hearing was an evidentiary hearing to decide if the confession is admissible when the case goes to trial.

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