Left on the school bus

September 9, 2009 9:35:27 PM PDT
Wednesday was Ryan Roldan's first ever day of school and it was not a good day. That's because Ryan's first bus ride home from school, which should have taken ten minutes, took close to two hours after this shy five year old was left alone on a bus parked in an overgrown lot.

Ryan's father, Ray, has tears in his eyes when he thinks of how abandoned his little boy must have felt.

"'Mom and dad you were supposed to meet me at the bus stop and you weren't there,' and that really hit me right there," Ray said.

Ryan's ordeal began after a half day of school at Redwood Elementary school in West Orange.

His parents were so vigilant about his safety that they went to the school to make sure he got on the bus, then raced home to meet him at the bus stop.

Twenty minutes went by and they called the school and heard the unthinkable.

"What do you mean you don't know where he is?" Ray said.

Another 45 minutes went by before bus officials found Ryan, sitting alone on a full-size bus, confused and crying. The bus driver says didn't think he had any children on the bus.

"He was crying, petrified. He was so scared," Ray said.

The West Orange superintendent says the bus driver who left Ryan alone on the bus has been fired. All of the bus drivers for the district were reminded to always walk through the bus to check for children before parking the bus in the lot.

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