Boil water alert for Yonkers Thurs.

October 28, 2009 1:47:35 PM PDT
Residents in the eastern corridor of Yonkers are advised to boil their water Thursday before drinking it as a precaution and until further notice, due to a water pipeline shutdown overnight for an emergency repair. The shutdown will begin at 10 p.m. Wednesday and water pressure is expected to return to normal by 8 a.m.

The Westchester County Health Department will conduct a test of the water Thursday. At that time, it is hoped that residents can discontinue boiling, but further boiling may be necessary based on the test results.

The affected area includes the entire eastern section of Yonkers, including Crestwood, Cedar Knolls, Lawrence Park East and West and the areas east of Kimball Avenue. This includes the streets south of Monrovia Boulevard and north of eastern Midland Avenue between Kimball and the Bronx River. It also includes the areas east of: Kimball Avenue north of the Cross County overpass, Bronxville Road, Cross Street, Parkview Avenue, Brookdale Drive, Avondale Road, Pietro Drive and Scarsdale Road as far north as its intersection with Monrovia Boulevard.

Water pressure in these areas may be very low, and when water pressure returns to normal, the water may be discolored because of iron build-up in the pipes. Since discolored water will stain laundry, residents should not wash clothes until the water is clear. A boil water advisory means that residents in the affected communities are advised to boil all tap water at a rolling boil for a minimum of two minutes prior to consumption.

"The boil water advisory is being issued as a precaution to protect from potential contamination caused by ground water infiltration into water mains,'' said Leonard Meyerson, Deputy Commissioner for Environmental Health. "We will test the water after the repairs are completed and hope to be able to lift the boil water advisory on Thursday. Should further testing be needed, the advisory will remain in effect until the water meets all state and local safety standards.''

Although the feed line also serves Mount Vernon's water supply, Mount Vernon residents are not expected to experience low pressure and there is no need for them to boil water because Mount Vernon has an alternate water source.

The repair is being made to a one-inch diameter feed line that provides additives that inhibit corrosion in pipes. The break in this pipe does not affect water quality or safety. The pipe will be accessed through a manhole at the intersection of Scarsdale Road and Crisfield Street in Yonkers.

For additional information, residents should contact their water supplier -- in Yonkers, the Water Bureau's 24-hour number is 377-6765, in Mount Vernon, the Board of Water Supply at 665-2330 or the Westchester County Water Agency at 995-4425.

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