iPhone app looks to end NYC parking woes

January 4, 2010 2:49:09 PM PST
A new iPhone application will end the need for driving around in circles in the city looking for a parking spot. "You get home from work tired and looking for parking is the last thing you want to do," Jimmy Jurado said.

If you're dizzy from driving around the same block looking for a parking spot, Bryan Choi says he has the solution. It's called Spot Switch.

"This will help ease the frustration and will help people share parking spots," Choi explained.

Choi developed the Spot Switch iPhone app to help connect people leaving a coveted parking spot with people desperate to find one.

The app is free. You just enter some information about your car and then when you're looking for a spot, the g-p-s registers your location and targets spots about to be vacated.

If you are leaving your spot, just give five minutes warning to other Spot Switch members.

If the system works, someone will be waiting for your spot before you even get to your car.

"Saves you time and money, won't spend as much on garages and you won't have to circle around the block for half an hour," Choi said.

Spot Switch needs more members to work well, but it has other uses.

It can remind you where you parked your car and it will also send you a text to remind you when your meter is about to expire, or when the street's about to be cleaned, helping you save more money by avoiding costly tickets.