Complaints cause Brooklyn store to remove decorations

December 16, 2009 2:47:07 PM PST
Local governments know that putting religious symbols on display can spark fierce debate. A store at prospect Ave. and 11th Avenue in Windsor Terrace, is taking down their holiday decorations.

"I understand it but i don't think it's right," said Rabbi Shimon Hecht.

Rabbi Hecht responded to the fact that a supervisor at his neighborhood supermarket took down a menorah and Christmas tree display outside the store.

The supervisor at the Windsor Terrace Key Foods tells Eyewitness News he took down the display in response to customer complaints.

The Christmas tree and menorah went up following a lighting ceremony on Sunday. By Monday, they were down after someone ripped off a Happy Hanukkah sign from the display.

And that's why mike the owner of key food felt it was appropriate to take down the menorah, that it shouldn't get vandalized," adds Rabbi Hecht.

"I could see his point. I would rather take it down then see it dismantled in some form of aggression. I would not want to see that," adds Mark Elkhouri.

There are those who say taking down the menorah and Christmas tree mean a victory for ignorance and intolerance. But the supervisor told Eyewitness News his decision wasn't based on faith, it was based on business.