Alleged gang members nabbed in drug bust

The News Leader

January 27, 2010 8:51:46 AM PST
A gang was busted for allegedly running drugs and guns through an apartment building in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn. Authorities say six members of the Clifton Place Crew were taken into custody during early morning raids at a Clifton Place apartment building.

The other five members were already in custody or arrested Tuesday night.

All 11 were charged with running crack cocaine, heroin and guns through Brooklyn.

FBI agents and NYPD officers reportedly recovered evidence from the apartment building, including drugs, firearms and a machete.

Investigators say they made numerous undercover purchases during their 18 month investigation.

The suspects are identified as:

  • Damien "Slick" Bannister
  • Darrell "Black" Bannister
  • Christopher "C-Rock" Hall
  • Cyril "Zero" McCray
  • Eric "Al" Morris
  • Roger "Pat" Patrick
  • James "LA" Ross
  • Derrick "D-Rock" Tatum
  • Indio "Ice" Tatum
  • Jawara "L-Rock" Tatum
  • Pedro "White Bread" Torres