Resident furious that super is a sex offender

The News Leader

February 1, 2010 3:45:06 PM PST
Three Upper West Side brownstones are at the center of a brewing storm. Their superintendent, who's also a tenant, is listed on the New York state sex offender registry.

William Barnason, 57, is a level three offender, the highest risk. He was convicted and imprisoned for raping and sodomizing four girls on Lng Island.

"What kind of person would let a rapist have keys to everybody's apartment?" Carol Engle said.

Engle lives in one of the buildings on West 75th street. She says the owner did nothing after she complained that Barnason allegedly tried to coerce her into having sex for rent money.

"'You mean you want? if I had sex with you is what you're saying' and he said, 'Well, not just once," Engle explained.

A second female tenant has made similar claims in court.

Neither the landlord, Stanley Katz, nor his attorney returned our repeated phone calls.

At last word, Barnason is still employed as the super.

Forensic psychologist N.G. Berrell, who evaluates and treats sex offenders, says Barnason's alleged behavior, given his history, does raise some concerns.

"After the convictions, after the jail time, after all these years he's still violating boundaries. He's still acting in an inappropriate manner," Berrell said.