Sears fridge on the fritz

Seven On Your Side
February 4, 2010 3:04:23 PM PST
The nearly century-old woman still cooks Christmas dinner for more than 20 family members. But this year the holiday feast was hampered because the 97 year old's fridge was on the fritz.For 97 year old Geneva Robinson, a window-sill next to a cold window has become her makeshift ice box.

She also fills a cooler with ice to keep her food from spoiling. But her food still goes bad, fast.

Her Sears fridge is the reason. She says it stopped running 2 weeks before Christmas..

"For Christmas I spent over $200. I had invited my family for dinner. I had thrown all that stuff out because not having a fridge."

Now, it's February and Geneva's fridge is warm and empty. "Its a long time to wait for service. I've been waiting now for what seems like forever. I am so tired of this. Throw away food I don't need it."

Her fridge is a decade old, but still covered for repairs by Sears under a 10 year service contract. Geneva says Sears sent two repairman in December, the first replacement part was defective.

That's left her living like when she was born in 1912 when her mother bought ice from the icehouse for a nickel. "I learned from back then, I learned how to survive. I didn't have the refrigerator," Mrs. Robinson.

Its been six weeks without a fridge this is the second part which arrived January 22. Mrs. Robinson says she called Sears that day. Its twelve days later the part is still sitting here.

"I never did expect this from Sears. I have been dealing with Sears ever since I came to New York. I never had this kind of problem with Sears before," says Mrs. Robinson.

So we called Sears to see what was taking so long. And hours after our call? Sears got the fridge freezing again. And we came back with a few groceries.

That made this sharp as a tack 97 year old, very happy. "I am so grateful. Thank you very much."

A Sears spokesperson apologized for the repair delays saying this isolated incident was due to a combination of events, including not being notified by the customer that an ordered part hadn't arrived.

Story by: Nina Pineda

Produced by: Steve Livingstone