Nassau County announces anti-heroin initiative

February 11, 2010 3:12:12 PM PST
Nassau County on Thursday unveiled a new push to warn teenagers about the dangers of heroin. "This is what's coming into our county and this is what Operation Halt is going to stop," Nassau executive Ed Mangano said, while holding up a bag of heroin that was confiscated by police.

Mangano announced a new initiative by law enforcement to combat the deadly drug. And that program involves enforcement awareness and education.

Nassau officials point to an an alarming statistic - four people a month die from a heroin overdose in the county. And some of those people are not who you might expect. An ad campaign reflects the trend of popular teens from middle class families being the new faces of heroin.

Officials also tell the story of a teenage boy whose phone showed him raving in a text message about the drug. It was right before he died of an overdose, and his parents discovered him in the bathtub.

That's why police have assigned 30 detectives to one unit to sniff out distributors, those who buy heroin and sell it to their friends.