E-mail raises new questions in Paterson probe

March 4, 2010 3:28:12 PM PST
Marissa Shorenstein is Governor Paterson's press secretary. We obtained a copy of an email she sent on February 16th. Sources say it went to another state employee, Deneane brown, and was then given to Sherri Una-Booker.

Last October, Booker had called 911 from a Bronx apartment claiming she'd been choked by her then boyfriend, David Johnson, a senior Paterson aide.

The subject of the email: a draft statement from Sherri Una-Booker.

It reads, "David Johnson and I dated from x date until October, 2009. Though our break-up was not friendly, there was nothing acrimonious about our relationship or its ending. Any allegations to the contrary are false."

Sources tell us that Booker refused to ok that statement.

"Whatever question you ask that pertains to the investigation I will not comment on," Booker's attorney Lawrence Saftler said.

Booker's attorney declined to discuss the email or the Attorney General's investigation, but Saftler did emphasize his client has not changed her original claim of abuse by Johnson.

"Her position is that she was a victim of domestic violence. Absolutely," he said.

So why did booker, who had gotten two temporary orders of protection in November, fail to show up in family court on February 8th? Her domestic violence case against Johnson then dismissed. Was it pressure from the governor's office or members of his administration? He admits he spoke with Nooker briefly on February 7th, but won't discuss details. We've learned that the Attorney General's office has interviewed Deneane Brown, who was also the intermediary for the governor's phone conversation with Booker, but Brown's attorney says there will be no more discussions without conditions.

"I'm looking for immunity. I'd like to make sure that there is no liability on my client's part," Paul Martin said.