Tips of cat's ears sliced off in Port Chester

April 23, 2010 3:24:05 PM PDT
A cat in Westchester County is recovering from a cruel attack.The tips of both of her ears were cut off.

Now police are searching for the person who did this to the feline.

Nene is now safe and sound, and enjoys curling up in the arms of her owner Liz Torres.

"He did lose some weight out there," observed Torres.

The missing tips of his ears are the only visible sign of someone's sick cruel inhumane treatment.

"It's sad, I feel bad for the cat, God knows what he endured during his time out there," said Torres.

Liz and her family had gone away in February.

Liz thought that her beloved Nene had gone into hiding as he often does.

Somehow though, he got out, and went on an unknown odyssey into his Port Chester neighborhood.

Despite the family searching for more than two months, Nene remained missing until a neighbor spotted him here in the backyard of their apartment building.

"We went through the process of trying to trap him, but we got him on the first try," said Torres.

That's when she discovered the horrible injury to her 7-year-old half Himalayan cat.

The vet estimated that his ears were sliced about 12 days before he was found.

He thought it amputation, a deliberate amputation," Torres explained.

Back safe in his apartment, Nene, Liz believes doesn't seem to carry the emotional scars of his traumatic ordeal.

"He's still very affectionate, so it hasn't affected him too much," Torres said.