Bronx girl graduationg with perfect attendance

June 8, 2010 2:47:06 PM PDT
With the end of the school year quickly approaching, one Bronx senior will be graduating with quite an honor. She's never missed a day of school since she started kindergarten.

"I learned that hard work pays off," says Santenique Valdez.

The high school senior says it's no accident that she never missed a day of school.

"When I was sick I would take medicine in the morning and then I feel a little better, then I would go to school," adds Valdez.

A letter from the Catholic school in the Bronx, where she was enrolled from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, documents the achievement. It says she graduated with perfect attendance. Each daily attendance sheet, through four years at Dumont High, is also perfect.

"I've been here six years and have never seen anyone have that kind of attendance record...ever," said Principal Michael Parent.

Her mother even credits her dedication. "She has a great work ethic, and she knows the importance of getting up and going to school, and she works hard," says Chriscensia Valdez.

Santenique even came to school after a serious fire at the family home. The family was displaced for eight days, but even the day after the fire, she made it to school.

Eyewitness News has yet to find anyone who would expect that any student could pull off having perfect attendance throughout their school career, and Santenique has kept a very low profile about her achievement."

The school plans to honor Santenique at graduation ceremonies, and she is proud of herself.

"I did something that not many people have done before," she adds.

She expects perfect attendance as she goes to college next year.