Emotions boil over at correction officer's arraignment

June 17, 2010 3:16:49 PM PDT
There was chaos outside the courthouse where a Nassau County corrections officer was arraigned Thursday.

Kim Wolfe, 43, is accused of going on a deadly shooting rampage. She was ordered held without bail and is due back in court Monday for allegedly killing her ex-girlfriend, Nassau University Medical Center nurse's aide Stacie Williams, outside a hospital early Wednesday.

Authorities say she then went to a relative's home, where she killed her uncle, wounded her 88-year-old grandfather and took her 23-year-old niece hostage. She fled the scene in an SUV headed for Atlantic City before officers got her on the phone and convinced her to pull over.

The arraignment took place amid tight security. Wolfe was in a holding pen behind frosted glass and was not visible to spectators, a move that angered family members of the victims. They say the system is giving her preferential treatment because she was a corrections officer.

"We saw nothing," the victim's cousin, Anthony Smalls, said. "We heard a voice ask, 'Is she here?' Could she hear? She said yes and we never saw anything. We never saw her. She was not asked to, like every other suspect, inmate in there, to come to a podium, face a judge, face the people that are allegedly being represented. We were not afforded that right."

Court officials have not commented on why that decision was made, but Wolfe's attorney says there are serious security concerns in the case. Wolfe will also not go to the Nassau County Jail where she worked, but will be remanded to Suffolk County Jail as the case goes through the court process.


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