Mets, Yankees fans slammed with ticket fees

June 19, 2010 3:33:13 PM PDT
New York Mets and Yankees fans are paying some of the highest fees when it comes to buying tickets to see their team play.

A new study reveals that the New York ball clubs are among the worst offenders when it comes to tacking on fees.

It was a beautiful day Saturday at Yankee Stadium.

But, if there is one reason some baseball fans might be crying foul, it's if they bought their tickets online, it seems, add-on fees are adding up.

In fact, on one website, if you buy the cheapest bleacher seats for just $5, your convenience fees and processing fees total almost double the price.

"Have a little shame, to charge someone whose a $5 bleacher bum $9.40 in fees, is just outrageous," Rep. Anthony Weiner said.

At, it's even worse.

Eyewitness News found convenience fees of $10.95 per ticket.

For a family of four it adds up, just ask Martin Untrojb, who's now telling his two sons, they'll be going to fewer games.

"They're not too happy because they love the Mets, watch them every night. They want to go to the game, but you have all the other expenses, buying things and food, it can get very expensive," Untrojb said.

Congressman Weiner says he surveyed 30 websites that sell baseball tickets, and the fees aren't only high, they're randomly applied.

The most ridiculous fee is one for $2.50, you pay it to print your own ticket and Major League Baseball profits.

"This printing fee, the most outrageous one, goes straight to Major League Baseball," Weiner said.

The websites count on customers who either don't notice or don't care as long as they enjoy a good game.