Beat the heat in Central Park

The News Leader

June 29, 2010 3:06:49 PM PDT
When it's hot outside, you need to do something about it. Whether you go under a stream of water, drink it, dip your toes in, or complain about the heat, there are many ways to cool off in Central Park.

Doug Blonsky of the Central Park Conservancy explained some ways to beat the heat.

"It's hot outside! Too hot! Ya gotta get wet," he said.

Of the 21 playgrounds in Central Park, 19 have water features, a great way to cool down.

Bringing children to a playground is a great way to get your kids to run down their batteries!

Sabrina Lugo brings her daughter to the park. She says afterwards her daughter take a nice nap.

"Oh please sleeping for 2 hours," she said.

At 100th and Central Park West, the sprinklers are such a hit that moms, kids, teachers, and babysitters come from as far as 196th street! A group from a summer school in the Bronx came to cool off. Another mom brings her kids from the East Side.

"I live at 33rd Street... too far!" She laughingly said.

The adults and children alike enjoy the water.

"I put my feet in and cool down... love it!" One parent said.