House to vote on 9/11 health bill Thursday

July 28, 2010 8:33:27 PM PDT
Just about everyone agrees that the bill to provide health care for 9/11 responders will fail Thursday in Washington.

Many of the men and women who answered the call for help 9 years ago say they feel betrayed by members of both parties.

"We've been waiting for nine years for this," Klein said.

Retired NYPD Detective Glen Klein spent ten months at Ground Zero and has been plagued with lung and digestive problems ever since.

Lawmakers in Washington will vote Thursday on a bill that would provide health care and possibly compensation for first responders like Klein, and by most predictions, the bill will fail.

"I've been victimized for a second time, once by the terrorists, and again by the politicians who only care about what their party wants," Klein said.

Republicans and Democrats are pointing fingers about who's to blame for the bill's apparent demise.

Republicans, like Congressman Peter King, say the bill would easily pass if only a majority was required.

"The democrats control the house, on this bill they're requiring a 2/3 vote and it's indefensible," Rep. King said.

Democrats counter that they need to put the bill up for a vote under so-called suspension rules to stop Republicans from adding controversial amendments about abortion and illegal immigration.

John Feal, who lost half of his foot when a steel beam crashed down on it five days after 9/11, is tired of the political posturing.

"I implore congress to put aside their differences and act like an American, we certainly did on 9/11," said Feal of "The Fealgood Foundation".

Congress is about to go on summer recess, and will be back for three weeks in September before they all go back to their districts to campaign in midterm elections.

Supporters of the bill are hoping some kind of compromise can be reached before then.