Upper West Side looks to crack down on deliver bikes

July 30, 2010 3:56:42 PM PDT
Restaurants on the Upper West Side are facing a serious crackdown after a number of complaints about reckless delivery men.

Residents claim the problem is rampant with cyclists menacing pedestrians and ignoring bike safety measures.

Community leaders are threatening to come down hard.

These days, locals say the conflict between pedestrians and food delivery men is worse than ever.

Eyewitness News watched a guy on a bike pass within two feet of Mitch Gilbert and his nine month old son.

"These days you gotta have a your head on a swivel when you're walking in New York City. It doesn't even matter if you have a baby with you," he said.

It seems like everyone has a story about nearly getting run over or worse, and now, neighborhood leaders are trying to crack down.


Marc Glazer sits on community board seven, which approves applications for liquor licenses and sidewalk cafes.

Now, they'll be withholding approval if the restaurants' bikers don't behave.

"Before we grant you your identification we want know if you have reflective gear, you have some kind of identification on your hat or your shirt, even on a bag anything we can do," said Glazer.

Officers from the nearby 20th precinct are trying to enforce laws already on the books, but they find many bikers carry no identification, even though they're supposed to.

At Big Nick's Pizza, owner Dimitrios Galanopoulos requires his workers wear their helmets, carry id and respect every traffic law.

"Driving a bicycle is like driving a car. Stop at red lights, don't ride against traffic," he said.