Turning a brown lawn to green

August 5, 2010 3:10:20 PM PDT
It has been a hot, dry summer, and many people's lawns have quickly gone from green to brown.

Now there's a way to make your grass greener, and keep it that way.

"I'm 83, I have white hair. I colored that, so I'm used to coloring," homeowner Jim Fahy said.

Jim Fahy sat back and let Charly Koerkel, who knows nothing about hair, but a lot about grass, go to work.

"Instant results, instant gratification. It's a quick fix," Koerkel of Lawn Smart USA said.

You see he does have a green thumb, sort of. It got that way from squeezing the handle of the wand he uses to magically turn dry brittle lawns into brilliant green stretches of grass.

"Business is incredible. I can't keep up with it to be honest. I had uniforms made and don't have time to pick them up yet," Charly said.

Business is pouring in, thanks to Mother Nature.

Record temperatures in our area have done a number on many home owners' lawns.

That's where Charly steps in. He says while watching a Miami Dolphins game last season he had an idea.

"I saw a crew actually painting the insignia in the end zone, like an orange and white color, and thought to myself, if they can do orange and white somewhere I'm sure they have green to do lawns," Charly said.

He did the research, found the dye online and got to work.

"I had to custom build the machine, custom build the spray guns, the tips," he explained.

He also had to find the perfect pair of work shoes.

He says the dye, which is safe for children and pets, will not wash away. The lawn will stay green for 2 to 3 months.

It sticks to dead and dormant blades and, yes, you can mow your grass. That because of Charly's custom color matching skills. It truly looks like the real thing.

"I always shoot a little bit darker, this way within 48 hours it slowly lightens up into a normal perimeter of green," he said.

His prices vary, depending on the size of your yard. An average lawn, about one thousand square feet, will cost about 140-dollars.

For more information, please visit http://www.lawnsmartusa.com/