Rabbi's son shot during holdup in Brooklyn

August 10, 2010 3:28:21 PM PDT
A 25-year-old Orthodox Jew shot in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn Tuesday morning was identified by a community activist as the son of a rabbi.

He is in stable condition at Bellevue Hospital after undergoing emergency surgery.

"If he was personally targeted or they were looking in the street for a target? That I can't tell you. But definitely it's not random, and the motive is attempted robbery," said Rabbi David Niederman.

Outside the apartment building on South 9th, 25-year-old Burech Halberston, the son of a rabbi they revealed, was shot and wounded.

Others say he was approached by at least two men.

"He said that they kicked him. They kicked him and started hitting him, and since he didn't want to give up anything, they shot him," said resident, Alitsa Aybar.

Aybar says her boyfriend saw the attack, and she heard the gunshot.

Others rushed to help him as the men apparently sped off in a white van, which was later discovered at the corner of Jefferson and Franklin.

"The community is outraged that this could happen. That it did happen. We are all asking and praying for a speedy recovery," Rabbi Niederman said.

As police press their investigation, sources tell Eyewitness News, that it is not clear if robbery was the motive.

Community leaders are hoping a $5,000 reward will encourage new evidence.

"Someone saw something, and that is the responsibility of that person to come forward, anonymously to report what you saw," said Marty Markowitz, the Brooklyn Borough President.

Recent crime statistics indicate that felony assaults have been declining in the precinct.