Mountain biking in NYC

August 18, 2010 3:05:54 PM PDT
This week we've been taking a look at outdoor adventures in New York City. Now you can go mountain biking without leaving Manhattan.

It's lush, hilly, rocky and a great place to bike. It's on 155th street.

"I think the whole idea of mountain biking in Manhattan is foreign to people," said Justin Rocket Silverman.

Silverman of the online magazing UrbanDaddy, says New Yorker's should come to Highbridge Park in Inwood to ride.

The trails, even the easiest route, offer challenges, and keeping them passable is a volunteer effort.

"The trails were built as a partnership between NYC and the Mountain Bike Association and the Parks Department," adds Silverman.

Jamie Bogner of New York City Mountain Bike Association took time to guide Lauren Glassberg along, and took her off trail and riding the dirt jumps.

Ideally you don't want to pedal much at all, just use your arms around the hills.

"You're solely using your arms to pull up push down, and build momentum," said Bogner.