Cross-dressing robber arrested on L.I.

Police on Long Island are looking for a man who dress up like a woman and attempted to rob a store.

August 28, 2010 1:44:29 PM PDT
Police on Long Island say they have arrested a cross-dressing armed robber who held up a stationery store Thursday.

A pink jumpsuit may be funny, but the crime is anything but.

Even though this robber is dressed like a woman, police say he was packing a pistol in his purse.

Surveillance video shows the cross dressing robber walking into the "C and R Stationery Store" at around 1:30 Thursday afternoon.

He was wearing a pink jumpsuit and carrying a white purse.

He pointed a handgun at the clerk, but when she couldn't open the register the robber grabbed a gatorade and took off on a woman's bike.