Video of high school fight causes suspensions

December 2, 2010 3:38:01 PM PST
YouTube video of two students fighting on school property was seen by hundreds of people.

It broke out at Half Hollow Hills East High School in Dix Hills, and was videotaped by a student who was watching the teens throw punches at each other.

You can see from the shadows that a small crowd had gathered behind the school to watch. Some Cheering and even egging the teens on

School officials say they weren't aware of the fight until it was posted.

The brawl stopped when a staff member walked outside to see what was going on and the teens acted like nothing had happened

Now administrators have suspended four students, the two who started the fight and the others who taped it and downloaded it on the internet.

District spokesperson Chris Geed says they're now looking for the bystanders who did nothing and in some cases initiated the violence.

Today staff members urged students not to speak to the media about the fight, though parents told Eyewitness News they support the district for taking immediate action.

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