Mileage Mess

Seven On Your Side
December 2, 2010 2:47:25 PM PST
The family thought they were in the Twilight Zone. They only drove locally, yet 2 and a half years into their lease, their mileage topped 80,000 miles. But this recourceful New Jersey father turnned to us and took on a big bank, armed with only a little video camera. This shaky 12 minute videotape is worth more than $9,000 to amateur cameraman, Kenneth Norrell, "I was astonished."

That was his reaction after getting this bill from Ally Financial, more than $9.300 owed on his car lease. When he turned in his 2008 Acadia last September, there were more than 81,000 miles on it. More than 40,000 miles over the agreed upon mileage limit of 39,000.

Ken says his wife only drove the car locally, bringing her daughter to and from school and to work nearby. No road trips for this Wayne family.

The family even stopped using the car for the last 6 months of its lease. But feeling something was wrong with the odometer before he turned it in, Kenneth did an experiment and videotaped it.

"We're filming this now to prove the odometer is malfunctioning," said Kenneth off camera as he started rolling videotape.

His wife drove to a mile marker, zeroed out the trip counter, then started driving exactly one mile.

But look at the digital display reads more than triple that. "We go one mile, it registers 3 miles," crows the outraged car buyer.

A mechanic at the dealer confirmed the faulty odometer, saying it registers "three times the actual mileage." Ken sent this proof, and the videotape to the bank.

"They (Ally Financial) were just switching us back and forth constantly. Then they were saying they never got any of the information that we sent to them."

We took up the case and re-sent his evidence to Ally Financial. "I was astonished it was so quick," said Kenneth. Just day after we started calling the whole bill vanished. ----

Story by: Nina Pineda

Produced by: Steve Livingstone CONNECT WITH NINA PINEDA AND 7 ON YOUR SIDE