Official pushes for hydrant curbs to be painted

December 16, 2010 3:23:29 PM PST
A New York City councilman is pushing for hydrant curbs to be painted red in the no parking zone to help New Yorkers avoid fines.

How much would you love to know if your parking job left the right size space between your car and a hydrant?

Well, it's not every day that you see a City Councilman help me measure out and tape off the area around a fire plug.

But that's exactly what David Greenfield and Eyewitness News reporter Michelle Charlesworth did, to visualize what he wants the city to do: paint the no-no parking area red.

"This is common sense!! New Yorkers want to know how close can I park to the pump?" said City Councilman David Greenfield, (D) Brooklyn.

Right now you may not park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.

The Councilman wants to shrink that to 10 on either side.

"It's not realistic to think people are going to drive around with tape measures in their glove compartment," Greenfield said.

10 feet, that's exactly what Eyewitness News measured out and taped off.

City departments we checked with didn't have an issue with the red paint idea though the FDNY says no to the 10 feet, saying they need 15 on each side because the trucks measure 30.

Most New Yorkers Eyewitness News spoke to thought the red paint idea was a good one.

Right now a ticket for parking too close to a hydrant is $115.

It may be eight months to a year before this combined bill, if even passed, gets to the mayor's desk.

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