Parking meter rates begin to rise

January 3, 2011 2:45:02 PM PST
Feeding the meter is a fact of life for drivers wishing to park in New York City, and it's becoming a more expensive one.

As of Monday in Manhattan, south of 86th Street, muni-meter rates are rising from $2.50 per hour to 3 dollars.

Throughout the rest of the city, metered parking will increase from 75 cents an hour to one dollar.

"They're raising the price you know, every like 6 months, so I'm not surprised he's raising it again," Martin Polomsky said.

While this comes on the heels of other recent fare increases, like last week's tunnel and bridge toll hikes, more than a few drivers told us they considered the extra coins a small price to pay.

"It's still cheaper than a garage," Karen Aboodi said.

"I come in here once in a while and paying a parking meter rather than getting a ticket is the best deal," Jerry Feather said.

Kimberely Pauldon vehemently disagrees. She says this rate increase no matter how small is just another drain on her shrinking budget.

"Those quarters, they add up to dollars. Every four quarters is a dollar. So to me yes, it's only a quarter, but those are adding up pretty quickly these days," she said.

Some outer borough residents are getting a bit of a break. If you live in the Bronx, the meters won't change over until March. Brooklyn and Staten Island won't see the increase until April.

In Queens, like Manhattan, the new parking rates started on Monday, although it may take some time to get all the meters re-calibrated.

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