Brookhaven offering cash for Pit Bull adoptions

February 16, 2011 2:28:35 PM PST
Animal shelters know it's a lot easier to get someone to adopt a Labrador than a Pit Bull, and many shelters have far too many Pit Bulls up for adoption.

Town officials in Farmingville have come up with a way to get more homes for the dogs: cash incentives.

Joe Caulfield's Pit Bull "Wrinkles" saved his life.

Wrinkles signaled his family when Caulfield was near death, in the throes of a heart attack

But at The Town of Brookhaven Animal Shelter, Director Dorey Scofield says most families aren't as eager to adopt this breed of dog, and the overpopulation of pit bulls can't be ignored.

About 90% of the strays that end up at the shelter are Pit Bulls.

It's a problem locally as well as nationally.

"Irresponsible ownership, plus the fact they are the hardest breed to adopt out," Scofield said.

So now town officials are offering an incentive to rescue organizations.

The groups will receive $250 for each dog they place in a safe haven.

Brian Sperazza is with "Guardians of Rescue" and says the money can help volunteers find each dog a loving home.

As for Scofield, she's adamant about saving these strays but says she can't go it alone.

"I need other rescue groups to help me help these animals," Scofield said.

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