More snow hits the New York area

February 21, 2011 2:15:19 PM PST
After a brief fling with spring last week, the New York area woke up to a fresh coat of snow Monday.

It's been one of the snowiest winters on record in New York City - more than 28 inches of snow has fallen so far.

Around 3 inches of snow fell in the city early Monday with more falling to the north.

In Westchester County, snow covered many roads this morning making travel conditions very dangerous.

A truck jack-knifed coming down a hill on Route 9A in Elmsford. Making matters worse, the truck was loaded with 5,000 gallons of gasoline and 150 gallons of diesel fuel.

"No spills. No product spilled. He did take down some poles," Chief Richard Hoke of the Elmsford Fire Department said.

Luckily, no one was hurt.

The snowfall overnight gave way to steady flurries throughout the early morning. Roads, parking lots, and Jennifer Carreno's car all got blanketed.

"It was really bad," she said.

Plow drivers said conditions improved as the morning wore on. The snow stopped and plows caught up, but still plow drivers warned that conditions remained really slippery.

In New Jersey, more than seven inches of snow fell in Bergen County.

Everyone here has seen more than enough of old man winter, but they also know we still have several more weeks to go before spring officially arrives.

"I guess Punxsutawney Phil was wrong," Joe Mysliwiec said.

Road crews were busy all morning getting the roads in shape. By mid-morning most were down to the black top.

Most homeowners were not rushed to clean their cars and property since today was a holiday for most, but they are ready for spring.

On Long Island, Nassau County also woke up this morning and joined the chorus of groans.

"Guess winter's still here, you know," Aaron Edelman said.

It's still here. One Jericho neighborhood was snow covered once more. Not exactly Aaron's idea of a fun Presidents Day off from work.

"This is not exactly what I had in mind. I was a little shocked when I woke up this morning. I mean I heard it was gonna snow again, but I didn't want to believe it," he said.

You better believe this winter's been a dream come true for Teddy Fengarinas.

"It's green, not white," he laughed.

He has cleared snow for thirty four seasons and says this winter is definitely one to remember. Even he was caught a bit off guard, though, after last Friday's sudden and much deserved spring-like break.

"It's amazing. Just like that. You put your bathing suit on and right back to the warm clothes," he said.

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