Search for cause of deadly NJ bus accident

March 15, 2011 2:30:03 PM PDT
State police investigators examined the bus for most of the day. They want to know if the left front tire blew out and caused the crash or if it was damaged in the collision and there's something else that caused the bus driver to lose control.

The bus crash Monday night near Exit 9 on the New Jersey Turnpike was so severe, two people died and the other 41 people on board were injured.

New Jersey State Troopers who responded to the accident described a chaotic scene.

"They looked around. It's chaos. There were people walking, laying around," Trooper Steve Jones said.

The bus driver, 50 year old Wei Wang, was ejected from the bus and died. Neighbors near his home in Forest Hills, Queens say his wife also recently passed away.

"It's really very sad. Really sad because I don't know how - his wife died and now he's died," Jasbir Sing said.

The other victim was Troy Ngyuen, a 20 year old passenger from Royersford, Pennsylvania. He was ejected from the rear of the bus, which went airborne after hitting the overpass support. The passengers who did survive suffered a range of injuries.

"They really weren't commenting a lot. They were very much concerned about the well-being of each other and the passengers on the bus," Dr. Vicente Gracias, Chief of Trauma Surgery at Robert Wood Johnson Univ. Hospital, said.

The bus had left Chinatown in Manhattan, heading for Philadelphia, when it crashed around 9:00 p.m. Monday. Investigators want to know if a blown left front tire caused the crash, but they are hearing conflicting reports from eyewitnesses.

"Eyewitnesses are coming up with as many stories as there are eyewitnesses," Jones said.

The bus was operated by Super Luxury Tours, a company based in Pennsylvania. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration gives the company a 'satisfactory' rating, but it also put an alert status on the company after it posted one or more serious violations in the last year in the categories of unsafe driving, fatigued driving and driver fitness.

As part of the investigation, there will be an autopsy of the driver to determine if he had any medical issues that could have caused him to lose control

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