Zoo director: Could be weeks before snake is found

March 29, 2011 1:59:09 PM PDT
The director of the Bronx Zoo says it could be weeks before a missing poisonous Egyptian cobra is found.

He says the best strategy is patience, allowing the reptile time to come out of hiding.

The Bronx Zoo's reptile house has remained closed ever since the snake was discovered missing on Friday.

Zoo officials are confident she's somewhere inside.

Meanwhile, someone purporting to be the slithering escapee has been tweeting to a quickly growing number of followers - more than 60,000 by Tuesday afternoon.

The adolescent, 20-inch snake has been tweeting about topics that belie its age.

It has written about "Sex and the City," saying: "I'm totally a SSSamantha."

And it tweeted while staring from atop the Empire State Building: "All the people look like little mice. Delicious little mice."

The user behind BronxZoosCobra refused to identify him or herself or say who was typing the tweets.

"The iPhone touch screen works just as well with a tail," the person said in an email to The Associated Press signed "Thankssss."

Asked about the Twitter feed's popularity, BronxZoosCobra "knew it would be popular with reptilian twitterers and a mild appeal to amphibians. Surprised the mammal response has been so huge."