Peeping Tom arrested in Greenville

April 28, 2011 3:12:57 PM PDT
A 54-year-old man was arrested for peeping at his Greenville neighbors over a period of four years.

"My daughter always, she said, 'Mom, I just feel like somebody's watching me'," the victim said.

There was someone watching.

The victim didn't want to be identified, but it was at her house that an alleged peeping Tom was caught in the act.

Police say Angelo DeMaria was holding a camcorder when he was taken into custody on April 13th.

That night, the victim says her mother spotted someone on the roof of their garage when she went to use the bathroom.

She immediately called 911.

"She cracked open the window and she just told him straight up you're caught the cops are here," the victim said.

The arrest comes after years of unease for many Greenville residents.

Police have investigated numerous reports of someone spying on them.

The 54-year-old suspect would allegedly leave his house at night and walk through the woods to nearby homes.

A few weeks ago, one couple says they saw someone running through their backyard flashlight.

"You know obviously he has a problem, he's not right minded, so you know, he's very creepy," said Lisandro Guadalupe, a neighbor.

Police say a search of DeMaria's house turned up videotapes dating back at least four years.

Investigators say DeMaria routinely went to same five houses at least 60 different times.

13 people can be seen on tape: males and females, ages 12 to 69.

"Not only did the peeping Tom observe these individuals there, Angelo DeMaria was videotaping them which certainly takes it to a different level," said Captain Joseph Tripodo, of the New York State Police.

DeMaria owns a commercial bakery in Lodi, New Jersey and has been active in the community.

He's even a past president of the Lions Club.

He is being held on bail, but one of his victim's says there's no sense of relief.

"Doors are locked, windows are locked, blinds are drawn, it's just you feel him all around, it's like he got inside your house even though he didn't get inside your house," the victim said.

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