Travelers should keep "health travel kit" in their carry-ons.

May 31, 2011 1:50:07 PM PDT
Many of us are preparing for the holiday weekend. Part of being a healthy traveler is being a well-prepared one. In today's health minute, what to pack before you head out.

Lost luggage has been an issue before for Lynda Wallace. Now, she never checks her backpack.

"If there's any type of an emergency, if the plane is held over, I have to have this with me."

Lynda packs everything she needs to manage her medical conditions in her carry-on luggage. Experts say packing a "travel health kit" can be key to staying well on the go.

"If you're considering just a headache, then the acetaminophen or ibuprofen works for many people. however, if you have a minor injury, let's say you are going to be real active on your vacation,.. you are on a beach and you have some inflammation involved, then you want to have the ibuprofen or naprosyn, naproxen type products because those things also reduce inflammation."

And don't forget the sunscreen.

"If you are going into a sunny climate- either ski slopes or the beach, you want to prevent first aid issues from occurring -so using a sunblock is vital."

Finally, the CDC advises travelers to pack copies of all prescriptions, and to carry a note from your doctor covering injectables or controlled substances. Other helpful items to consider: Antacids, laxatives, hand sanitizers, antibiotic creams, bandages and allergy treatments.

"Preserve the vacation- have everything ready with you."