Parents still uncomfortable having kids vaccinated

June 9, 2011 2:08:19 PM PDT
A surprising study out today about children and vaccines.

According to the study, nearly 80 percent of parents are uncomfortable about having their kids vaccinated.

The findings come at a time when we are seeing an uptick in a number of dangerous viruses like the measles once considered to be a thing of the past.

The new report was published in the Journal Health Affairs.

The researchers surveyed almost 400 parents of children under the age of 6. But the concern and confusion continues.

The new survey also finds that:

  • 36% of parents believe their child is getting too many shots at a time
  • 30% believe vaccines cause disabilities such as autism
  • 26% about a quarter of the parents think the ingredients are not safe
  • 8% say the vaccines prevent diseases that are not serious

    Dr. Suzanne Loisele, a pediatrician on the Upper West Side says concerns about autism remain despite multiple studies that say there is no link to vaccines and despite the retraction of the original 1998 article that created the fear.

    Public health historians say the fear of vaccines has been around since the first smallpox shot in 1796. Skeptics became believers in the 1900s when they saw the success with devastating diseases like polio and tetanus.