Storms cause damage in Rockland County

July 8, 2011 8:09:34 PM PDT
A night of powerful storms created havoc and damage in the New York area.

The hardest hit was Rockland County which experienced flooding and downed trees.

"I've never seen rain like that," said a New City resident.

First came the rain and hail that flooded several streets in New City and then came the boom.

"It was like an explosion. I've never heard anything like that. It was like something blew up. Something big blew up," Israel said.

Nothing blew up but a lot fell down.

Trees toppled into yards and uprooted onto roofs.

"It was horrible," Israel said.

Marilyn and Mel Israel were at their home on Mill Creek Road when Friday afternoon's storm turned nasty and a huge tree in their yard landed right above their heads.

Incredibly, just moments before the roof crashed in, they were sitting at a card table.

"It definitely could have been a horrible situation," Israel said, "My wife started screaming, she lost it."

There were scared families throughout this town, watching the wild weather and the damage it created through their windows.

"A lot of the trees they were cracking like pencils, going up, never seen anything like it," Israel said.

While the Israel's deal with a mess like they've ever seen, they and their neighbors are cleaning up, and counting their blessings.

"I feel lucky no one got hurt," Israel said.