Water main breaks in Greenwich, Conn.

July 28, 2011 6:04:58 PM PDT
Several properties in Greenwich, Connecticut are without water following a main break.

The first break occurred around 1 p.m. at the intersection of Glensville and Riversville Roads.

Service was disrupted to 200 properties (businesses and residences) while the broken section of the 12" main was isolated.

At 2:45 p.m. water was restored to the majority of residents.

However, as water was directed from a larger main to the customers, a second break occurred in the original main.

Some 50 properties are without water, including 4 businesses.

The force of water when the break occurred washed out the intersection.

The intersection is shut down and police are detouring traffic away from it.

Crew will be working through the night so the intersection can reopen by the morning rush hour.

Fortunately, none of the property owners near the intersection have reported damage.

Due to the water main break the following detours have been set up on the major roadways to avoid this area:

If you are traveling on King Street north of the Merritt Parkway: Travel to Sherwood Avenue, to Riversville Road, Left on Pecksland Road, right on to RoundHill:: Road right onto Lake Avenue which will bring you to the Lake Avenue Circle into downtown Greenwich.

If you are traveling on King Street south of the Merritt Parkway: Travel to Comly Avenue, left onto Pemberwick Road, a right onto Glenville Road to the Lake Avenue Circle into downtown Greenwich

If you are traveling south on Glenville Road toward Glenville Center: Left onto Pemberwick Road, to Comly Ave, onto King Street.

Traveling north on the Hutchinson Parkway: King Street exit is closed, continue south on the Merritt Parkway to the Roundhill Rd exit. Turn right onto Roundhill Road to Lake Ave and follow the detour signs into Greenwich.