Hail pounds down on the New York area

August 2, 2011 4:42:27 AM PDT
The hail was so big and came down with a pounding force across the New York area.

Residents in Little Neck, Queens say the 20 minute hail and lightning storm felt apocalyptic.

Every single vehicle parked outside in the neighborhood feLl under attack Monday.

From the Mercedes to the Lexus to a BMW, Eyewitness News counted seven hail holes in the rear windows.

The hail left countless dings in cars, divots in the grass and a carpet of white ice when the summer storm ran out of ammunition.

The Tolone house got pelted every which way from the metal awning to their front window to the furniture outside.

The plastic picnic table didn't hold up much better but gave a sense of how big the ice balls were.

For Jordan Rini, the worst was the explosion when his tree got hit by lighting.