Search continues for diminutive serial groper

August 8, 2011 3:25:12 PM PDT
Police continue to search for the diminutive serial groper in Manhattan.

The most recent one happened on the Upper West Side near the entrance to Central Park on 66th Street.

The victim says she was approached by the man who started a conversation, then he assaulted her.

Police believe the same suspect, seen on surveillance tape, is behind at least 12 attacks since May.

His attacks have been making headlines all year.

His 4'11" stature and clear pictures of his face are highlighted over and over.

Seven months and at least 11 sexual assaults later, this accused groper is not only still free, police say he may be growing even more menacing.

After focusing his attacks on the Upper East Side, investigators say he struck again Friday night on the Upper West Side.

Police say a 28-year-old woman was walking in Central Park near West 66th Street around 10:15 p.m. on Friday when the man started talking to her then sexually assaulted her.

Police say she punched and kicked him until he ran off.

It's the 12th attack, this time in a new neighborhood.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Patricia Saunders says this is a sign.

"That he's escalating even more, that he's emboldened, that he not only wants more, that he's able to move out of his safe zone. Most of these guys do stay within zones," Dr. Saunders said.

With a history of attacks ranging from reaching up women's skirts at subway stations, to pushing one woman down in her Upper East Side building and groping her, Saunders says the longer this man goes unrecognized and free the bolder he'll become.

"The escalating suggests to me that this guy is a potential rapist so he's really dangerous," Dr. Saunders said.