Child coupon queen donates to charity

August 22, 2011 2:05:05 PM PDT
With an eagle eye for discounts, she's a coupon clearance queen, and she's only 12 years old.

Jessa Loadholtz has couponing down a science.

"This is my gigantic coupon binder. I categorize them, I have beauty, pet, paper towels, everything," says Jessa.

She's the kid couponing queen and spends up to three hours a day scanning, clipping, and organizing.

Her closet has her very own personal drugstore with most of the products free.

"I got all those free. I got all the dove and nivea stuff for free, the shaving creams were 10 cents a piece, deodorants were free to 20 cents, and the dish soaps were all free," she adds.

She gives much of this away and spends a lot of time online making videos to help show others how to save big.

"I just want to help people save money. I've always liked donating to charities and helping other people so with couponing I can do that without spending a lot of money," she adds.

This all started out of boredom three years ago when her grandparents gave her a newspaper to keep her busy, and she instantly got hooked on those circulars. All at the age of 9.

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