Police shooting sparks protest in New Brunswick

September 23, 2011 3:16:09 PM PDT
Anger toward the police in New Brunswick is growing by the minute.

Carrying sticks and pictures of Barry Deloatch, dozens of protestors hit the steps of city hall looking for answers.

Deloatch was shot and killed by officers early Thursday morning after a short foot chase down an alley.

Eyewitness News obtained what appears to be the police radio transmissions from that night.

"Shots fired... just one shot so far" can be heard on the recording.

In all, there were two shots. Barry was killed, but did he have a weapon? Did police have to shoot?

The next transmission sheds some light: "Suspect was attempting to hit us with a wooden stick."

"A stick? Really?," Bennie Deloatch said.

Deloatch's brother, Bennie, lead Friday's protest. He wants to know why police shot and killed his brother who was no taller than 5'4", just over 100 pounds and holding a stick.

But for Deloatch's two sons, no explanation will ever be good enough.

"I'm taking it hard. It will really hit me when I see him in the casket. That's gonna hurt. I'm gonna feel that. The police aren't gonna feel that. I am," Barry Deloatch said.