SBU student, mom facing deportation, but not today

September 29, 2011 9:47:13 AM PDT
A student at Stony Brook University and her mother reported to immigration officials Thursday for deportation to their native Bangladesh, but an official ruled they would not be deported immediately.

Fellow students have been supporting 19-year-old Nadia Habib's fight to stay in the U.S., and they rallied outside Federal Plaza in Manhattan in hopes of keeping Habib and her mother in the country.

Habib was 20 months old when she moved to Queens with her mother, but she just recently learned of her undocumented status.

Nadia's father has a green card, so he'll remain in this country, and her three siblings were born here, so they're citizens.

Nadia says she's being sent to a country where she doesn't even speak the language.