Arrest in NYC sex attacks after victims fight back

October 4, 2011 9:18:13 AM PDT
A suspected sexual predator is under arrest in Brooklyn after two potential victims fought back against their attacker.

But there are concerns that other suspects are still on the loose in the same area.

Police now have 22-year-old Federico Chamorro Yax in custody after a month of sexual assaults in Brooklyn. So far, police have tied Yax to two attacks.

On September 4, police say Yax forced his hand up the skirt of a 30-year-old woman. He allegedly groped her, then ran.

A month later, police say he targeted two 22-year-old women. He allegedly grabbed and groped one, before the two women began fighting back. They attacked Yax, police say, and fell to the ground. Yax wouldn't let up, though, reportedly groping the second woman during the scuffle.

Police say the women continued to fight and scratched Yax, who then ran. But police caught up to him soon after, and the women identified him from a sketch.

When police went to his house, they say Yax was bloodied and scratched from his attack on the two brave women who fought back.

There are still a number of unsolved sex attacks in Sunset Park, Borough Park, Park Slope and Greenwood Heights. Police have not linked Yax to those assaults, and women in those areas remain on guard.

Yax is charged with assault, sex abuse and forcible touching.

The Guardian Angels and local residents have organized patrols in the areas and are walking women to the subways.